ColCap reports record result for 2021

By 29 April 2022May 31st, 2022Articles

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  • Net profit after tax of $57.2 million (2020: $41.2 million, +39%)
  • Loans settled over the year of $4.4 billion (2020: $2.7 billion, +62%)
  • Loan portfolio of $9.5 billion (2020: $6.9 billion, +37%)
  • Loans >90 days in arrears amounted to 0.07% of the loan portfolio (2020: 0.12%), and in Hardship amounted to 0.03% of the loan portfolio (2020: 0.22%)

ColCap Financial Limited (“ColCap”) today filed its 2021 Annual Report with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. ColCap continued to achieve strong growth in 2021 with a 62% increase in loans settled to $4.4 billion for the year driving a 39% increase in net profit after tax to $57.2 million.

ColCap focuses on offering an innovative and competitively priced suite of prime Australian home loan products under a multi-brand strategy through Wholesale, Retail and Broker distribution channels. The loan portfolio, which increased 37% over 2021 and currently exceeds $10.0 billion, is funded primarily through a combination of warehouse funding facilities and the issuance of residential mortgage-backed securities (“RMBS”).

ColCap has a strong track record of RMBS issuance, having settled more than $13.5 billion across 22 RMBS issues to date, including the $1.5 billion Triton 2022-1 prime residential mortgages issue that settled on 24 February 2022 despite recent market volatility.

ColCap’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Chepul said “We are proud of our 2021 result and our strong track record of delivering innovative competitively priced home loan products to our customers as well as achieving profitable growth. Our track record and scale offer us considerable flexibility and we are excited about our continued growth prospects.”

About ColCap

ColCap is a privately owned leading non-bank financial institution specialising in Australian residential mortgage lending. ColCap was founded in 2006 and currently has a loan portfolio in excess of $10.0 billion.

ColCap lends primarily through:

  • the Wholesale lending brand Origin Mortgage Management Services, which services mortgage managers that offer white labelled mortgage loans;
  • the award-winning Retail lending brand Homestar Finance, which offers mortgage loans direct to borrowers currently from as low as 1.79%1; and
  • the Broker lending brand Granite Home Loans, which offers selected loan products to borrowers utilising aggregators and mortgage brokers.

Columbus Capital rebranded as ColCap with effect from September 2021.

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